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Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB) offers a wide range of services in the Trade Credits sphere, delivered by an experienced trade team. Our vast experience has enabled us to build a trusted and reliable relationship with our clients over the years. Moreover, with an extensive international correspondent Banking network supporting us, we are available to assist you wherever in the World you do business.

About MCB

Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB) is a Trade Credit Finance Solution Provider. MCB as a Trade Credit Provider has been providing its services since 2000 via its associates in New Zealand, namely Merchant Credit and Guarantee Corporation Limited (MCG) and now from the UK, as Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB). MCG has been dealing in numerous financial and broking services in the past and now facilitates for and on behalf for global Banks and Institutions in the sphere of Trade Credits. For the last two decades,  MCG has been offering its facilitation advisory and consultancy services for discerning clients seeking assistance in Trade Credit Finance. Our innovative tailor-made solutions for short, medium, and long-term trade finance have enabled us to meet our clients import and export needs in a timely and efficient, and risk-averse manner.

MCB is known for providing tailor-made financial services. Our great team of financial advisors is skilled at recognising the needs of our clients' businesses and providing appropriate solutions.
Trade Finance
To assist their overseas trade financing activities, MCB provides rapid, efficient, dependable, and comprehensive Trade Finance solutions for every level of a client's trade value chain.
TradePAY is a cash management service for all your trade finance payment needs. With TradePAY you can open a secure online account and make all the your payments for trade finance or for other purposes via our payment portal via our correspondents.

Why Choose Us?

MCB is a leading provider of financial services to a wide range of stakeholders, including exporters, importers, and trading companies. Our knowledgeable crew is well-versed in all current trading techniques used in today’s financial markets.

Customer-Tailored Solutions

Our experienced financial advisors have years of expertise providing customers with well-structured trade finance solutions. We are experts at deciphering and analysing your company's needs and then delivering services that meet those needs.

24×7 Support

Our relationship with our customers goes beyond just providing them with financial services. We at MCB are available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Professional Service

For all of their Trade finance needs, our valued customers expect nothing but the best from us. Our financial specialists are always accessible to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


MCB has decades of experience, which is why we are the experts at providing you with the best options.


Our expert financial advisors offer professional and excellent financial suggestions to our customer in order to help them in their business.


As our TradePAY customer, you have access to our wide range of financial life management services along with full customer support and service.

From day-to-day Financial Services, we can provide solutions to help you achieve your goals.