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About MCB


Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB) is a Trade Credit Finance Solution Provider. MCB as a Trade Credit Provider has been providing its services since 2000 via its associates in New Zealand, namely Merchant Credit and Guarantee Corporation Limited (MCG) and now from the UK, as Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB). MCG has been dealing in numerous financial and broking services in the past and now facilitates for and on behalf for global Banks and Institutions in the sphere of Trade Credits. For the last two decades,  MCG has been offering its facilitation advisory and consultancy services for discerning clients seeking assistance in Trade Credit Finance. Our innovative tailor-made solutions for short, medium, and long-term trade finance have enabled us to meet our clients import and export needs in a timely and efficient, and risk-averse manner.

In today’s business world, finance plays a significant and important role in strengthening relationships in business and with business partners. The main aim of any corporate or business is to have adequate financial accessibility when they are planning for international trade. If there is a requirement of a Tender Guarantee for a construction project or a Letter of Credit to buy goods to and from another country, MCB can certainly help. MCB has access to a well experienced team of professionals who are skilled in banking and trade credit financial services. We are equipped in arranging lines of credit for businesses, financial credit enhancement, import and export transactions, credit facilities, financial assurances, payment assurances, amongst other credit instruments.

Merchant Credit Banque Limited works as a facilitator and seeks and arranges trade credit banking facilities for its clients. MCB offers a range of services and guides through all the necessary documentation which are important and required for the entire process.

MCB aims and aspires in offering its clients with effective solutions to conducting local and international trade through its professional services offered. We have access to business contacts with a knowledge base to assist business to be carried out with advantageous information and process driven services yielding results. MCB is able to offer its professional services to various countries across Asia, Middle East, North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

We are committed to offering a high quality of workable solutions for our clients. Our drive is to offer consultancy services and aspiring to be a part of our clients progress and business growth.

Experience And Skills

We at MCG have been offering such services for many years and now through Merchant Credit Banque Limited (MCB). Our associations with a diverse range of professionals are well experienced in providing advisory and consultancy services in the Trade Finance and Trade Credit sector. We aim to provide trade credit financial solutions that are effective and well serving to client’s requirements.


Our aim and focus allows us to provide customised actionable recommendations that can draw satisfaction. Our growth is based on referrals and recommendations provided by our clients through word of mouth for the services we can offer. As old fashioned as this practice is, we see no better way in building our company’s reputation further.

Merchant Credit Banque Limited aspires to have a prowess in this field to an undoubtedly impeccable standard. As professionals, we are recognised to possess the requisite knowledge to set us apart from other Banking and Non Banking Financial Institutions. We have the ability of know how to guide each client by discussing and understanding individual requirements fitting aiming for the best possible and optimum solution.