About TradePAY

Trade Finance Cash Management Services – TradePAY

The Multi-Currency Trade Finance eWallet (TradePAY) is an exclusive money platform where users can enjoy the ease of money transfers, make payments, currency diversification and many more functions. Access your account from any PC/tablet with no limitations in regards to time or location.

TradePAY is a cash management service for all your trade finance payment needs.  With TradePAY you can open a secure online account and make all the your payments for trade finance or for other purposes via our payment portal via our correspondents.  Accounts can be opened and multi currencies to even metals like Gold and Silver and cyrpto currencies as well like Bitcoin and Etherium.

We provide custodial services for your currencies and Crypto assets if required and use them for conversion or for payments as needed.


With us, you can focus on what really matters – scaling your business.
We will remove all complexities from business payments and introduce you to fast, cost-effective international payments.
Our competitive FX rates and low fees will help you save big. Our simple platform will seamlessly integrate with your business and provide you with real-time visibility of your payments for better cash flow management.
In order to start simplifying the way you move money for your business, open a business account with us now!


Expand into new markets – Gain access to local bank details in countries where your business doesn’t have a presence, making it easy for your overseas customers to pay you

Enjoy Cost Savings – Deposit/Withdraw/Transfer money to and from your account and save FX cost for your business. Control the invoice amounts by offering terms in local currency, thereby converting international payments in low cost local ones.

Improve Operational Efficiency – Automate global transactions, reduce bookkeeping errors, and manage cash flow better. Get real-time visibility of transactions.


  1. Mr James, owner of a boutique consulting firm has several clients in the USA and needs to collect payments from them. Our platform issues him a virtual account number to collect funds in USD.
  2. Mr James requests payments from his clients by sending them our virtual account number.
  3. His clients make payments in USD or local currency via local transfer and funds are received in James’s multi-currency account, within hours.
  4. Payments received in James’s Multi Currency Account are auto-converted to local currency and deposited into his registered bank account as and when he requires.
  5. This is applicable for metals like Gold and Silver and crypto assets.