TradePAY - Services & Functions

Services – TradePAY

With TradePAY’s Multi-Currency Trade Finance you can operate your eWallets/Account and can avoid the hassle and potentially exorbitant expense of managing multiple banking relationships and accounts.

You can gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by accepting payments in the currency your clients prefer.

You do not need a domestic corporate presence to collect payments locally.

We allow you to hold multiple currencies in a virtual ledger and access balance information in any one of our supported currencies.

You can access your account from anywhere in the world. This means you can send, receive and manage all your international payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can open a TradePAY account now.  Please click here to initiate.

Functions – TradePAY

It is a multicurrency eWallet is advantageous if you have transactions with multiple countries and with currency dispersion you can reduce currency risk and remittance and settlement will be smooth.
You can use the TP eWallet instead of a bank as your remittance engine as you can send money to banks worldwide. Foreign currency transfers can be done in 24 hours and with an excellent rate.

Instant international transfers with your TP eWallet are available not only to or from your own TP eWallet but also to or from a third party account. International transfers are currently offered in multiple currencies.

You can pre-set the internal transfer dates up to 6 months ahead of time in your account, to better assist you with personal account management.

Send funds to a third-party account, such as Crypto trading or an online merchant platform via your TP account, and they will be credited to the account. And you won’t have to deal with the hassle of complicated international bank transfer procedures.

TF account users can make international remittances anytime, anywhere in the world. We provide multiple methods to transfer funds to and from different banks and E-Wallet all over the world.

The corporate TF eWallet allows you to easily handle one-off transfers to multiple accounts or bulk transfers on a designated date, as well as reoccurring automatic payments.