TradePAY - FAQ


Security and Privacy

We update and improve the TF account system at regular intervals to serve users the best experience possible with us.

Account security:

  • 100% safety
  • Advanced anti-fraud measures (ID authentication, real-time monitoring)

Continually enhanced online protection solution:

  • Please keep account safe and never disclose your own information to others.
  • Check your transaction history regularly 
  • Set password with a high level of security
  • Update your browser timely
  • Always log out of the account after usage
  • Never log into the account in a public network environment
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Individuals, Companies (LLCs, IBCs, Limited Companies), Trusts Partnerships and Foundations may all open an account with TradePAY. 

Accounts for entities require additional information over and above that for an individual including constitutive documents and Ultimate Beneficial Owner details traced back to a natural person.

We can open accounts for almost any citizenship.

We provide clients with, current accounts, fixed deposits, foreign exchange, commodity trading account and Bitcoin options.

We provide accounts in almost all major currencies of the world like USD, Euro, GBP, AUD, SGD, NZD, CAD, HKD, CHF, CNH, INR, THB and so on.

Our clients find that sending signed instructions by email is the most convenient method of withdrawing or transferring funds from their account. To transfer funds to your account you will need to initiate the transfer with your own account and use our wiring instructions.

Typically you also will need to send us supporting documentation for your transfers to and from your account.

Our friendly banking team are available and will be more than happy to assist you in all your transaction needs.

We offer an online banking platform for our clients for balance and transaction viewing and secure sending and receiving of instructions.